I’m Proud of Good Service

Over the past week, I had a company come out to my home to install plantation shutters, and they did a pretty great job. They were way better than the last company I called out. I’ve had a string of bad luck when it comes to calling companies to my home to do work, and it was finally nice to see one that was competent. I’ve called the cable company to install cable wire, and they drilled in the wrong places and put the wire right on top of a tree. I’ve called the gas company to run line for a gas fireplace, and they left the gas on in the garage and created a hazard. I even called one of the companies to pick up some yard debris, and they left half of it behind.

What impressed me the most about the company is how quick they were to respond to me. From the moment I contacted them about the shutters, to the day of the installation, they were quick to send me an email or call me on the phone about the whole situation. Most companies take a few hours or a couple of days to get back to their customers, leading to the customer getting frustrated with them and either leaving them for another company, or getting really mad at the management or the employees.

The workers who installed the shutters were so friendly when they came to work. I offered them some food and drink after they were done because they had worked so hard through the day. I made sure they were paid and given a bit of a tip for their efforts. I’ve even recommended the company to everyone I know who wants to have shutters installed or even thinks about making home renovations from time to time.