Green Bay Botanical Garden (7)

All your tough operate has paid off, and now you are presented with a dilemma, as well many vegetables! Properly, what much better way to start off gardening than by making use of your raised beds to concentrate on some quite productive salad crops such as lettuce, radish, spring onions, tomatoes and herbs, like bay trees, thyme and chives that are straightforward to grow and give guaranteed harvest final results each time… best situation even if you are an seasoned gardener!

Though I’m a strong advocate for encouraging and supporting wildlife in the garden, for an urban garden this wedge of land represented valuable space that could, with a bit of imagination, otherwise be utilised for my advantage and with some consideration nevertheless be useful to wildlife.

And even then there is nevertheless space left more than for a cubbyhole exactly where a patio chair conveniently sits so that on a warm sunny day, although out gardening, I can take the occasional coffee break and admire the beauties of the garden or reflect on the wonders of nature, just before receiving back and tackling the subsequent garden job.

After constructing the garden shed the wedge of land behind it was largely occupied by a thick hedge and a family of hedgehogs or rather they used it as their nightly run to forage for food. This isn’t precisely how I wanted to open this blog, but it does lead into what getting in the Garden has meant to me this year. Great ideas, i wanted some containers for my kitchen garden.. really valuable certainly!

Even with the addition of this small shed extension behind the garden shed not only is there still useful space for a compost location proper in the corner (provided a face lift with a handful of surplus pieces of decking), the water butt, auto tyre planter and garden canes, but there is also space to conveniently shop the wheelbarrow and hose pipe when not in use.