6 Smart Appliances Which Make Your Home a Smart Home


Sometimes, after a tiring and stressful day, getting off the sofa to switch on the fan can be too much of work. This is where the smart appliances pitch in. They are the latest innovation in the world of Electronics which are generally connected to your smartphone, tablet or laptops so that they can operate to some extent autonomously. The smart appliances like the fans from Atomberg, Havells, Orient, Usha; lights from Philips and geysers from Venus, AO Smith come with a special remote control so that you can operate them sitting in one comfortable corner of your house. The digital advancement is considered as one of the hottest trends in the emerging home appliance market. They have changed the way we perceive the electronic gadgets. The smart electronic devices are truly changing our life for a better tomorrow. Here is a list of 6 smart appliances which have transformed your home into a smart home.

1.    Smart Ceiling Fans

The smart ceiling fan is one of the latest innovations in the home appliances sector. They are highly energy efficient and can be operated with a remote control device. There are timer mode and the sleep mode in the remote control which helps you to automatically switch off the fan after certain programmed hours and gradually reduce the speed of the fan as the night approaches. Besides this, the power consumption of these fans are very low and they have the potential to reduce your electricity bill by up to Rs2000 every year. You can buy these smart fans with highly efficient and attractive feature from companies like Atomberg here – https://atomberg.com/fans/.

2.    Smart Air Purifiers

Air pollution is one major hazard that the urban crowd has to face each day of their life. It is a burning issue which is currently on everybody’s mind. Indian cities like Delhi has been branded as one of the most polluted cities in the world. In order to counter this problem, the electronics companies have come up with the innovative product- air purifiers. Their main purpose is to filter the air we breathe in our home. The smart air purifiers are provided with sensors which can keep you updated about the air quality, temperature and humidity in your room. They also monitor the presence of VOC or the volatile organic compounds like carbon monoxide, ammonia, and methane in your house. the smart air purifiers are definitely one of the most useful and trendy products developed in the current time. The smart air purifiers are available from Kent, Xiaomi, etc.

3.    Smart TV

A smart TV is an advanced television set which is connected to your laptop or smartphone through the internet and interactive “Web 2.0” features. The operating system of this TV is preloaded with attractive features which can even download your favourite programme if you miss them to watch one day due to your busy schedule. You can browse the internet, play games, and watch videos on Youtube with the help of Smart TV. There are several brands of smart TVs in India like Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, etc.

4.    Smart Air Conditioners

Since the summer temperature in India is always on the rise, the smart air conditioners are one of the most efficient products launched in India in the last few years. This type of ACs is connected to your smartphone and can be switched on even when you are not present in the house. In the extremely hot summers, your room can be pre-cooled for you with the smart ACs. You can buy the smart ACs from brands like Lloyd, LG, Panasonic, etc.

5.    Smart Geysers

The smart geysers are sleek, aesthetically designed, save power, packed with a superior digital display and can be operated by a wireless remote. It comes with a power meter which can keep a track of the power consumption and a smart ring of light which changes its colour according to the temperate of water. You can buy the smart geysers from Venus, AO Smith, Racold, etc.

6.    Smart Washing Machines

The smart washing machines are loaded with features like baby wear, curtain, woollen wash programs, child lock and code lock, memory backup, etc. The smart washing machines run on digital inverter volt control technology which helps to utilise the minimum power and protect the machine from electrical surges. There are many brands of smart washing machines in India like Samsung, IFB, LG, etc.

So, these were 6 smart home appliances which have successfully converted our house into a smart home.